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ecoATM Kiosk

ecoATM makes it easy and convenient for people to recycle their unwanted mobile devices for cash.

The average American cell phone is replaced every 22 months. So what happens to all those old devices? Until now, most have ended up in a drawer – or worse, in a landfill. ecoATM® is changing that wasteful lifecycle — with the world's first and only automated kiosk that buys back most used consumer electronics directly from consumers. To date, ecoATM has recycled more than four million devices, and counting.

The exchange process takes just a few minutes. A consumer places a mobile device on the test station, and within seconds ecoATM examines the device, searches the worldwide market for the best possible price, then makes the consumer an offer.

To help ecoATM and law-enforcement deter fencing of stolen items or fraud, all sellers are asked to volunteer some basic personal information (driver's license and electronic thumbprint). This personal information is required by state or local laws. ecoATM carefully guards consumer privacy and safely encrypts all personal data.

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