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A note from our CEO,
J. Scott Di Valerio

J. Scott Di Valerio, CEO

You may have noticed something’s different. We’ve changed the name of our company to Outerwall.

Why the name change?

Our company was built on the idea of finding a better way. Outerwall's familiar Redbox® movie and video game rental and Coinstar® coin-counting brands are both leading automated retail solutions that will continue to grow. There are also great opportunities to create other winning services that will delight consumers and drive our business forward.

It's important that our name reflect our ongoing portfolio expansion and commitment to thinking beyond the limits to make a better everyday possible for everyone.

Why Outerwall?

Outerwall signifies innovation and pushing the walls of retail out into a new dimension through current and future automated retail solutions.

What hasn't changed?

People and relationships are at the heart of our success. Recognizing what consumers want and understanding their relationship with our retail partners, will continue to drive increased customer loyalty, traffic and revenue.

Our flagship consumer brands, Redbox and Coinstar, remain unchanged. And as always, we're committed to making Outerwall a company our customers, retailers, investors and employees can trust and rely on for many years to come. We value these relationships and always welcome input.

Best regards,

J. Scott Di Valerio
Chief Executive Officer, Outerwall Inc.